MindChamps PreSchool
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MindChamps PreSchool's unique approach to education brings together cutting-edge research and development from the 4 domains of Early Childhood Education, Neuroscience, Child Psychology and the art of engaging the mind from Theatre. MindChamps PreSchool is the world's only pre-school to incorporate the ongoing research on Creativity and the Champion Mindset by world renowned neuroscientist Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder (Fellow of the Royal Society, the world's most prestigious scientific fellowship, whose former fellows include Newton and Einstein). These elements combine synergistically to produce a world breakthrough preschool curriculum with the following proprietary enrichment programs: MindChamps Reading Program (listening, speaking and reading), Writing Made Fun: Love for Chinese Language, Numeracy Strategies Inquiry, Moments Creativity & Theatrical Strategies, Gourmet Moments, Mind-Body in Motion Mind over Matter, Music for the Mind