PSB Academy
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Future Academy is a reflection of PSB Academy's mission to groom and equip millennials and working adults for the future economy. As we break new ground into a 100,000+ square foot campus in the heart of the city at Marina Square, we invite aspiring students to join us in our next phase of transformation as a leading education institution for higher learning in Singapore and beyond. This expansion will offer 'first-of-its-kind' experiences for our students. The future of learning needs to blend technology, hands-on experimentation and quality academia. In our Future Academy, higher education will be experienced like an adventure that will inspire students to make connections, collaborate and co-create. The first phase of construction of the new grounds has been completed. On 3 October, 2016, we welcomed our first batch of students from our post-graduate programmes into the new campus. Our schools of Business and Communication, as well as English and Education, will move in after the second phase of construction is completed at the end of 2016. We are expecting to complete this expansion by May 2017.