Sesame Street Characters

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Baby Bear (Birthday: May 12)

Baby Bear, borrowed from the enduring "Three Bears" story, is Sesame Street's resident artist. While his friends only see a drawing of his imaginary friend, Hero Guy, the superhero leaps off the page and soars into Baby Bear's fertile imagination. Through this relationship, children see how a character they shape can end up shaping them, too. Young viewers relate to this character on a number of levels, particularly when it comes to his difficulty with sharing and his struggle to master adult language.

Bert (Birthday: July 26)

Bert is the long-suffering sidekick of Ernie. He is more mature and analytical and considers himself the voice of reason in their relationship. Though seemingly older and wiser, Bert can be rather eccentric. He collects bottle caps and paper clips; plays the tuba; and loves Bernice, his pet pigeon. Bert is not always a willing participant in Ernie's escapades; he correctly senses that the tables are destined to be turned on him, or that he will end up on the short end of the stick. In the end, however, Bert always forgives Ernie, forever remaining his "old buddy."

Big Bird (Birthday: March 20)

Big Bird is a six-year-old child in an eight-foot, two-inch-tall body. Young viewers relate to him because he is a lot like them: He is charged with the excitement of discovery, he sometimes makes mistakes, and he is devastated when things do not go his way. But, Big Bird always tries again. Indeed, his persistence in finding solutions gives Sesame Street its source of encouragement for kids.

Cookie Monster (Birthday: November 2)

Cookie Monster, the frenzied-but-cuddly character, still loves his cookies but also enjoys a variety of healthy foods. In the "Letter of the Day" segment, he devises a host of strategies to keep from consuming the cookie (which bears the day's letter), but its fate is inevitable. Cookie has a special connection with preschoolers, who identify with his efforts to master words and phrases and learn basic problem-solving skills from his quest to find more food.

Count von Count (Birthday: October 9)

Count Von Count bears a comical resemblance to Count Dracula, but that is where the similarity ends. The Count thirsts for numbers, not necks. He will count anything and everything, and his totals are usually punctuated by a bone-jarring thunder clap. The Count presents the "Number of the Day" and challenges viewers by counting by 2's and S's. Young viewers can play along as he uses his pipe organ to determine the day's special number.

Elmo (Birthday: February 3)

Elmo, Sesame Street's high-pitched, high-spirited, little red monster, is the three-year-old voice in the neighborhood. He also stars in his own segment, “Elmo's World." The subjects tackled by Elmo, Dorothy (his pet fish), and Mr. Noodle include concepts like up and down, bells, bathtime, feet and dinosaurs.

Ernie (Birthday: January 28)

As always, Ernie is great at explaining things, but can sometimes be a bit too smart for his own good. Ernie talks himself into some tight corners and often falls prey to his own jokes, yet his free-spirited approach to his successes and failures makes him one of Sesame Street's most enduring and likeable characters.

Grover (Birthday: October 14)

Grover, Sesame Street's gregarious blue monster, is excitable, caring, and compulsive, a combination that proves particularly volatile when he rushes into situations without analysing the consequences. Children connect with Grover when he is confounded by adult logic and share his fantasy of competence and control when he becomes "Super Grover," a problem-solving superhero who can do no wrong.  In his new role as “Global Grover”, he introduces children to the world around them and teaches them to be sensitive and respectful of our differences. He brings back, in the form of short films, something he has learned about cultures from around the world.

Super Grover

Super Grover is Grover's furry, blue, and enormously cute alter ego. A superhero more exuberant and well meaninq than actually helpful, he is known for his cape and medieval knight's helmet (which always seems to close at all the wrong moments) and his accident-prone tendencies. More often than not, Super Grover lands right in the middle of problems, and as he makes ridiculous suggestions and offers help that is in no way helpful, the problems get solved without his contributions. Convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that he's the one who's saved the day (and the world in general), he contentedly flies off in search of new, exciting, heroic adventures (undoubtedly messing things up once again).

Oscar (Birthday: June 1)

Oscar, the resident Grouch on Sesame Street, despises all things nice and sweet. He loves collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days, and anchovy milk shakes. One thing Oscar does not like is children playing in front of his garbage can. Through Oscar, children learn about respect and tolerance and discover that people whose views and lifestyles are different can still be great friends.

Prairie Dawn (Birthday: August 3)

 A spunky, mature girl Muppet with long, blond hair and a sweet disposition. Prairie Dawn is very proud of her many accomplishments. Given her organized and meticulous personality, she frequently takes the lead on planning events, shows, and directing plays, yet gets frustrated by all the mayhem that often ensues. Each day on Sesame Street, Prairie Dawn is featured in the "Letter of the Day" segment with Cookie Monster which helps children learn letters and words that begin with the Letter of the Day.

Rosita (Birthday: December 7)

Rosita is an exuberant, playful girl whose full name (Rosita la Monstrua da las Cuevas) means "The Monster of the Caves." She hails from Mexico, and speaks both Spanish and English, often mixing words from both languages when she speaks. Rosita uses her hands when she communicates with others, conveying her warmth with lots of touching and hugging. She also introduces a "Spanish Word of the Day," teaching children new words such as 'gracias' and 'por favor.'

Mr. Snuffleupagus (Birthday: August 19)

Aloysius Snuffleupagus (a.k.a. Snuffy) and Big Bird are best friends who love to play together. The two share many adventures and help each other make sense of their world. Like most four year olds, Snuffy is still learning how to cope with simple things, and his first impulse is often to give up. But with encouragement from his feathered friend - and the other Sesame Street characters - he usually finds a solution to his problem.

Telly Monster (Birthday: September 29)

Telly Monster brings his empathy and passion to a number of storylines in Season 35. He is Baby Bear's best friend, and the two boys are very protective of each other. Through this relationship, young viewers gain an understanding that friendships have ups and downs and can sometimes take a lot of work.

Zoe (Birthday: September 30)

Zoe, a furry, three-year-old girl monster, gets so excited that sometimes her words cannot get out fast enough. She is Elmo's best friend on the street. Zoe loves to dance and dreams of being a ballerina!