New Additions

Recent additions to Marina Square – be spoilt for choice.

Silver River Money Changer#02-260

Whether you're a shopping tourist or planning an overseas trip, this is the best place to find competitive exchange rates for all major currencies. Silver River Money Changer are money changers authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. What's more, they sell phone cards and postage stamps, so you can let people back home know just how much fun you're having. Check them out at their new shop at level 2!

Mofunland, #02-32 & 33

Mofunland is the 1st kid’s cubing theme playground in Singapore, we welcome anyone from 5 years old and above who is interested to learn through playing in a relaxed and fun environment.

Lily Valley Pre School, #02-27&28

Welcome to Lily Valley Preschool! They are Reggio Emilia inspired community based preschool devoted to providing quality early years education.

Aparo Golf, #02-317 & 318

Founded from a passion to bring you the best that the game can offer. With an aim to eliminate the gap between sport and fashion, functionality and style, Aparo Golf promise that you can look forward to new fits that will help you feel good no matter you are on or off the green.

Turtle, #02-109/111 to 117 & #03-100 to 107

Turtle is an innovative novelty gifts and lifestyle shop. One can find a range of unique and quirky stationery, plushies, onesies, toys, gadgets, party supplies, beauty products, home decorations and lifestyle indulges at the outlet. Opened on 13 May 2022, the 2-storey outlet in Marina Square is by far the largest outlet in Singapore.

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness #03-134 to 137 

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness, say goodbye to your body pains. Visit the first pain management TCM clinic. We embody the Yin-Yang harmony by combining the TCM focus on internal qi regulation (Yin) with the Western medical emphasis of external physical movement (Yang) to treat pain and promote healing. Ready Fit Physiotherapy Regain your strength and get back to what you love. Ready Fit Physiotherapy provides utmost care to restore your quality of life and get you back to your best. Our programmes are tailored to suit individual recovery progress and preferences.

Prestique Studio, #02-339/340

The largest fitness studio in Singapore specializing in the original Jumping® Fitness that started in 2001. Their instructors are professionally certified by Master Trainers from Europe, and the workout is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness levels. At each class, you will be engaged in a structured workout by jumping on top-quality trampolines, specially designed to ensure safety and to support your every move. Combining fun exercise moves with motivating music, Jumping® Fitness is a great stress reliever and it is highly effective in achieving weight loss since it is 3 times more effective than jogging, blasting up to 1,000 calories in an hour! Together with other Toning and Conditioning, Dance, HIIT and Tempo Training workouts from Piloxing® and Strong Nation®, Prestique Studio hope to provide busy urbanites with a one-stop solution to achieve their fitness goals.


Heritage Strings & Arts, #03-108/109

Heritage Strings & Arts is a music studio that specialises in the sale of Chuancheng Guzhengs and Guqins, and also conduct classes for children and adults in both instruments.

The Early Chapter Children’s Clubhouse, #03-149/150/151

THE EARLY CHAPTER is a children's clubhouse filled with fun play and activities for the juniors (18 months - 6 years old). They aim to inspire children during the Language Sensitive Period of 0-6 years old to speak Mandarin through immersive play by creating a fun and enjoyable community where children immerse in the use of the Chinese language as they embark on a world of exploration, creativity and camaraderie.

JH Kim Taekwondo Singapore, #02-36

Classes at JH Kim Taekwondo are taught by Master Santos Rivas together with his team of experienced instructors. Students learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo in a variety of fun and exciting ways!