Mall Promotion


6 January to 11 February 2017

A prosperous array of dining choices and promotions await you this Lunar New Year!


#02-203/204. Tel: 6337 1928.

Fashioned after a rest stop for travellers on long journeys in China, Dian Xiao Er is rooted in fellowship and friendship. For the Lunar New Year, the restaurant has introduced several special dishes, which are available in their festive set menus from 5 January onwards.

Golden Crayfish with Chef's Special Otah Sauce consists of plump crayfish tossed in a unique otah sauce, spiced with curry leaves that give it a nice mellow tang.

Glazed in a golden kumquat sauce, the succulent Kumquat Pork Ribs have a bright, citrusy flavour.

The Crispy Bacon Shrimp Rolls consist of fresh, juicy shrimp wrapped in bacon so you get a blend of sweet and salty flavours with a satisfying crunch thanks to a coating of crispy breadcrumbs.

#03-129A. Tel: 6858 1588

Dragon Bowl serves excellent value-for-money Cantonese cuisine and is a great venue for family reunion dinners. Its chefs have crafted an Auspicious Abalone Treasure Pot ($388+ for 10 pax; $288+ for 6 pax), filled with a bounty of symbolic foods such as mushrooms, scallops, dried oysters, and of course, abalone.

There's also a Prosperity Yu Sheng ($68+ for 10 pax; $48+ for 6 pax) with fresh slices of raw salmon. Available till 11 February.

#01-18. Tel: 6224 3433

This Japanese gourmet mart puts a Nippon spin on yusheng. In addition to traditional lohei ingredients, the Emporium Shokuhin Fortune Yusheng ($36.80 for 2 to 4 pax) also features sweet mikan (Japanese oranges), dried cranberries, edamame (green soy beans), yuzu peel, pineapple, shredded green and white daikon (radish), which are tossed in a homemade citrus sauce. Also included are six slices each of Mikan Buri (orange yellowtail) from Ehime and Salmon Sashimi.

Catering to those with a larger group, the Emporium Shokuhin Prosperity Yusheng ($63.80 for 6 to 10 pax) comes with Ehime Mikan Buri, Mikan Dai and Salmon Sashimi (eight slices each).

If you prefer to dine in, both yusheng platters are also available at Senmi Sushi Bar, Gyuu' Yakiniku, and Tsukeru Shabu Shabu (tax and service charge apply).

Pick up an order form at Emporium Shokuhin's Ready-To-Eat section to pre-order for self-collection or delivery. The yusheng platters are available till 11 February.

Takujo Japanese Dining
Traditional Chinese pen cai also gets the Japanese treatment with Hokkaido scallops and kurobuta pork belly, along with a whole Boston lobster, baby abalone, sea cucumber, tiger prawns, assorted yasai and fa cai (black moss). The Takujo Lobster Pen Cai Nabe ($288++) is available till 28 February.

Senmi Sushi Bar
The cheery Bountiful Maki ($19.80++) was created just for the festive season, comprising of ebi (prawn) fry enveloped in sushi rice, topped with tobiko (flying fish roe), pork floss and Hokkaido scallops. Available till 28 February.

#03-128A/128B. Tel: 6250 4826

Dine in a setting that evokes an emperor's courtyard with elegant Cantonese fare produced by executive chef Fung Chi Keung. Not to be missed is Chef Fung's Signature Crispy Peking Duck. With its crisp, paper-thin skin and succulent flesh, the duck is served with five unique wraps, including Pumpkin, Spinach, Bamboo Charcoal and Beetroot. You also get a range of dipping sauces that include Black Pepper, Sesame, Seafood and a special sauce mix.

To ensure “yu” or abundance for the rest of the year, order the Poached Garoupa with Lobster Broth that is prepared right at your table. The lobster sauce is brought to a high temperature before being poured over the thinly sliced garoupa to gently poach the fish. This cooking technique helps retain the fish's natural firmness and delicate sweetness while enriching its flavour.

Mouth Restaurant
#02-200. Tel: 6337 7446

Yusheng at Mouth Restaurant is a healthy affair, with extra fresh salad and slivers of abalone in place of raw fish, olive oil in place of regular cooking oil, and less sugar in the sauce ($52.80++ for medium, $68.80 for large).

When it comes to the pen cai or Treasure Pot, tradition still reigns supreme. Mouth Restaurant cooks each batch of ingredients such as baby abalone, Japanese conpoy, shitake mushrooms, fresh prawns, black moss, fish maw and tendons individually before layering them in the pot and braising it all in an oyster sauce. The Grand Treasure Pot with Abalone goes for $238++ for 6 pax and $338++ for 10 pax. With every order of the The Grand Treasure Pot with Abalone, diners will receive a complimentary abalone yusheng (worth $52.80++) and traditional glutinous rice with preserved meat (worth $22++).

#02-205. Tel: 6336 4068

At Putien, a Pot Of Goodies symbolises cohesion, unity and prosperity. Within it are top-grade ingredients such as whole abalone, sea cucumber, Putien dried clams and lots more. All the ingredients are cooked individually and then carefully layered into the pot before simmering in stock for eight hours. The Pot Of Goodies with Abalone goes for $308++ for 6 pax and $498++ for 10 pax. The Pot Of Goodies with Sea Treasures cost $238++ for 6 pax and $388++ for 10 pax.

Putien's Yusheng ($28.80/$36.80/$49.80++) also gets a lovely, savoury twist with the addition of seaweed from the city of Putian. All the ingredients in this savourt dish symbolise blessing and auspiciousness for the new year ahead.

Sakae Sushi
#02-207. Tel: 6336 8201

Sakae Sushi's Rong Yu Sheng with Australian Jumbo Abalone was voted the No. 1 Most Affordable Yu Sheng on TheBestSingapore. With bountiful portions of ingredients such as salmon, radish, carrots and more, it certainly is!

#02-183B/C. Tel: 6337 9969

Get spicy in the Year of the Rooster with Suki-Ya's Seasonal Mala soup base. At just $19.80++ for lunch at $24.90++ for dinner (a $2 surcharge is applicable on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays), you get a whole host of quality hot pot ingredients including chilled meats and Suki-ya's signature chicken cheese balls. It's a wonderfully affordable way to celebrate with your family!

#03-129. Tel: 6250 8918

Just for the Lunar New Year, Tenkichi's Premium Wagyu Beef Buffet is going for a special price of $64.80 instead of the usual $114.80! The buffet comes with a free flow of drinks and Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

These are just a sampling of the dining options available; head down to Marina Square to indulge in the full selection this Lunar New Year!