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Marina Square

MUNCH Saladsmith


The sweetest little salad bar and rotisserie serving up a smorgasbord of flavours alongside juicy salmon slabs, chicken fillets, crisp dory nubs and crackling sausages. Time for fresh food!

Marina Square

Ya Kun Kaya Toast


With more than 70 years of history, Ya Kun is a household name well-loved by all. A place where generations of Singaporeans gather to chat and indulge in their favourite coffee, it's also where you can get scrumptious traditional kaya toast served with soft-boiled eggs.

Marina Square

Brands Lover


Brands Lover was established in 2014 as an online business with the concept to create a “one-stop services” for luxury handbags. Initially, Brands Lover dealt mainly with buying, selling and consignment of luxury items such as handbags, wallets and other designer accessories. More recently, the operations have increased to bags maintenance services such as cleaning and colour restoration as well as the selling of highly functional bag accessories for designer handbags. These accessories include bag organizers, base shapers and handle protectors. Visit us for a comprehensive, one-stop luxury handbags experience.

Marina Square

Le Garden


A haven for the seafood lovers of Singapore, Le Garden is an exquisite fish restaurant with opulent booth seating and elegant decor, Le Garden provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic date or a special evening out. Go for the seafood steamboat and have it cooked right at your very own table for a communal dining experience with your loved ones.