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From interior design firms to lifestyle furniture shops, Marina Square is the one-stop destination for all your furnishing needs.


Bez Gallery


We are the home to the finest bedframes with the most exquisite workmanship, materials and structures emphasizing on practicality and timeless appeal in designs.

We provide the widest range of materials from all over the world and the fullest series of colors to suit your personal preference. We also cater to customising designs and different measurements to suit every individual’s requirements. We will assure to provide you with the nicest and the most unique bedframes in your home.



Before colour television was introduced and the world still saw things in shades of grey, a scientist in the UK named Mr. E.A. Murphy invented Dunlopillo latex in 1929. Thus began the rich history of Dunlopillo, and soon our first - and the world’s first - latex mattresses were made. Over time we built a reputation as one of the world’s best loved bedding brands and the leading manufacturer of latex, dedicated to providing high-quality sleep and comfort solutions for residential and commercial clientele. Today Dunlopillo latex foam is in high demand for its enduring comfort, durable support and luxurious feel. Our discerning customers appreciate latex’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, ideal to rejuvenate and revitalise. After all, the better your nights, the better your days.



It’s no secret that healthy spines equal happier, more productive workers. More often than not, it’s the office furniture that makes the difference. That’s why the cleverly designed Duorest ergonomic chairs in ErgoWorks promote excellent posture, better working conditions and lower levels of absenteeism. With chairs that look this good, what better way is there to reduce chronic backaches? It’s easy to see why they’ve been endorsed by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association and renowned chiropractors. Visit sole distributor ErgoWorks for the biggest range in Duorest chairs today.

Getha Bedding


The name ‘Getha’, originates from the Malaysian native word for rubber. The name is symbolic and holds true to its identity proudly in the use of 100% natural Malaysian rubber latex. Getha delivers to its customers luxury and comfort as well as innovative products from mattresses to cushions and pillows in a reliable and professional manner across the globe.



From humble beginnings in 1981, Heirlooms have grown to become a leading kitchen and wardrobe specialist in Singapore. We are now the sole distributor for Mobalpa Kitchen Systems, the Number One brand in France. We are also renowned for our popular semi-imported MODENA kitchen systems and ONYX line of wardrobe solutions.



It’s a haven for hipsters and yuppies looking for contemporary gifts and home accessories to dress up their homes. The playful and funky designs are perfect for individuals looking for something unconventional and out of the box. Expect to see lava lamps, wall clocks, ceramic cups and even toothpick-holders with a difference.

King Koil Gallery


They’re constantly referred to as “the world’s best-selling chiropractor endorsed sleep system”, but what they really represent is a good night’s sleep, every night. At the King Koil Gallery in Marina Square, you’ll find the best in pocketed spring mattresses, sofa beds and the widest choice of quality bedding and linen available anywhere. Built for luxury and comfort, it’s no secret that King Koil mattresses are the No.1 best selling mattresses today. Sleep on it and you’ll discover why.

Mode Studio


A leading manufacturer and global exporter of high quality domestic and contract furniture, Mode Studio offers an extensive range of products that provide a complete interior furnishing solution for both local and overseas clients. Our products boast a chic and timeless flair in design that can easily blend with any interior. Sleek and minimalist design makes them great with homes, office or even hospitality. WITH MODE, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MODE.

Serta Sleep Center


One of the world’s leading bedding brand with a name that stands for quality, comfort and innovation, Serta is your answer to a good night rest. With an incredibly wide array of quality mattresses and bedding accessories, Serta gives you a choice of mattress according to your preference. Do visit Serta Sleep Center and try on Serta mattresses, and you will feel the difference the moment you lie down.

Simmons Gallery


It’s a fact that the Simmons Gallery actually encourages customers to lie down on their mattresses to give it a go. In different sleeping positions, for at least 10 minutes. This is how they convince customers that they have some of the finest mattresses in the sleep business. Sales consultants will be on hand to give practical and useful sleep advice, while helping you make the best purchase. After all, a mattress would be your sleeping partner for many years to come.

SY Living


SY Living was previously known as Siang Yiang Sofa Trading. Building good and strong relations with our client over the years, SY Living was thus able to grow from only a small scale manufacturer to wholesaler to now a retailer offering consumers custom and tailor-made sofas. Being the leaders in tailor-making sofas, the concept of tailor-making sofas for every home was then the beginning in the home scene. With our continuous effort in upgrading, we strive to maintain and provide high quality modern home furnishings through our innovations and craftsmanship, thus assuring and providing high level of services and creating market awareness.



A TEMPUR® mattress lets your body find its most comfortable position and support it for your best night’s sleep. With no counter pressure, this helps reduce tossing and turning during the night. The temperature sensitive property offers firm support where needed and soft comfort where desired. TEMPUR® offers a Perfect Fit for Every Body. Come experience the 3 mattress feels and let your body tell you which feel you like. Just as importantly, picking with the right pillow calls for serious consideration and trials. Understanding our different needs in size, physique, and sleeping habits, TEMPUR® pillows offer various models and sizes to suit each of our needs, giving you that favoured level of comfort and support for a good night’s rest.

The White and Barang Barang

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Natural Living’s outdoor furniture are imported from several South East Asian countries, depending on the species. All the timber comes from sustainable sources in South East Asia’s developing countries and every single piece of furniture is handmade with superlative craftsmanship. With a luxurious mix of materials and bespoke design, Natural Living creates not just a piece of furniture but masterpieces that are indeed “classic” and “sophisticated”. Step into our showroom and experience a brand new shopping experience now.